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evanston renovation
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Evanston Residence
Renovations & Additions


SVA was granted the opportunity to restore this historic house and to preserve its original architectural significance. The interior and structure of the house at the time was in considerable disrepair and a complete interior restoration was required along with necessary structural work to ensure the continued structural integrity of this home for years to come. The house is composed of two farmhouse style houses from the late 1800s (at least one was apparently built or completed in 1875) that were combined at the turn of the century at the present location of 1210 Michigan Avenue. The first floor area is approximately 2500 sq feet, which allows for a gracious living area. The second floor area was much smaller (1200 sq feet), as there were two additions added to the first floor during the last century: an octagon room on the south side of the house and a rectangular family room addition on the west/rear of the house. The proposed design added second floor space to the house over these first floor additions – thus improving the function of the space for the family of four children and two adults. SVA designed the new additions so that they would be very complementary to the original structure and thus maintaining the landmark character of the original architecture. This project was reviewed and approved by the Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois and the City of Evanston.